Interested In Online College Options?

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Nov 12, 2010 in | No Comments

Is a 9-5 job or exorbitant fees keeping you from getting a B.A. or Ph.D.?  If any of these handicaps—be it a job, fees, or a far-off campus you cannot commute to—are stopping you from taking courses, the answer may be online schooling.  To find out whether online schooling is a good course for you, you should go to  The website has a range of services and guidance about online schooling to make choosing an online school simple and hassle-free.  Its articles on the particulars of online schooling such as accreditation, pros and cons, financial aid, and the like can be a good aid for those looking to take online courses.  Furthermore, the ‘quick degree finder’ is another handy service of the site which, like it says, is a speedy tool for rooting out schools by your field of study and degree level.