Life-Long Learning Equals Success

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Statistics show that workers with a degree are more likely to stay employed and earn better wages than those without higher education. Learning (or training) should be a life-long endeavor, not just a two or four year academic commitment.

But whether you decide to pursue a higher education or not, employers expect workers to keep current in their field, this means adopting a “life-long learning” mindset. Considering the statistics, evidence gives credence to continuing your education and training in your field, which are primary stepping-stones to your financial success.


Enhancing your skill-sets, broadening your interests, and making yourself more marketable–usually pays off in higher wages and career advancement. When you learn new skills, especially those that are inter-industry (apply to more than one industry), these are “cross skills” which create more opportunities and job security.

Free Education and Training

Many employers will pay all, or part, of your education or training if it directly relates to your job.  Be sure to check with the Human Resources Department or your supervisor before registering for classes, see what they require for reimbursement. Often you must maintain a certain grade point average. Additionally, some employers offer on-site workshops for professional development that are free to employees. This is an excellent way to broaden your knowledge without having to register for a class. I highly recommend taking advantage of any employer sponsored workshops.

Stay Marketable

Gone are the days when employees were “lifers”, (loyal to one company their entire career), or possess only one skill. For some time now, a large number of the workforce moves to a new job every few years. Most are trying to advance their position and salary with new job opportunities. By the same token, most continue to expand their skill-sets and knowledge through continuing education or training in order to get to that end.

Excerpt from the newspaper article; “Is Education a Stepping-Stone to Your Financial Success?” (2008) Judy Anne Cavey

©2009 revision, Judy Anne Cavey, who resides in the S.F. Bay Area of California, is a credentialed, certified, higher education instructor who taught Work Experience/Cooperative Education and ESL at three community colleges. She is also a freelance writer and grant writer currently authoring a textbook, has designed other learning programs, and worked with several nonprofits. Her Edublog, “Work Experience”, is a not-for-profit endeavor designed to assist job seekers of all ages.