Interested In Online College Options?

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Is a 9-5 job or exorbitant fees keeping you from getting a B.A. or Ph.D.?  If any of these handicaps—be it a job, fees, or a far-off campus you cannot commute to—are stopping you from taking courses, the answer may be online schooling.  To find out whether online schooling is a good course for you, you should go to  The website has a range of services and guidance about online schooling to make choosing an online school simple and hassle-free.  Its articles on the particulars of online schooling such as accreditation, pros and cons, financial aid, and the like can be a good aid for those looking to take online courses.  Furthermore, the ‘quick degree finder’ is another handy service of the site which, like it says, is a speedy tool for rooting out schools by your field of study and degree level.

The Interview Process

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Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Preparation cannot be stressed enough when it comes to interviewing. The more you prepare, the better you will perform face-to-face with an interviewer. Consider these preparations; fully know the content of your resume, dress professionally, know proper responses to interviewers questions, answers to illegal or uncomfortable questions, what to do at the end of the interview, ask for the job, and send a thank you note. If you practice with a Career Specialist in your career center, friend or family member in a mock interview, you will build confidence along with valuable feedback from them about how you might improve.

What does your voice tell interviewers?

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A good first impression is essential when interviewing.

This might be one thing easily overlooked–how you sound.

What’s in your voice?

Did you know that the tempo of your voice in an interview may be a dead giveaway you are depressed?

Usually, depressed people talk slower and without inflection. What’s your tempo? Is it upbeat, moving at a normal pace? If not, it is important to change it before an interview.

Competencies Employers Want

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Ten Basic Competencies

1.) Attitude/Optimism/Passion

2.) Building Relationships/Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills

3.) Communication (Verbal/Written)

4.) Customer Service

5.) Honesty/Ethics/Integrity

6.) Flexibility/Adaptability

7.) Independence/Self-Motivation/Initiative

8.) Problem Solving

9.) Reliability/Responsibility

10.) Time Management

There are many competencies an employer wants in an employee, the list above gives the basics. The higher up the ladder you go, the more is expected of you by your employer. Below each competency is discussed in detail.

Tips On Choosing a Major

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Choosing a major can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some nuggets of advice for undergraduates unsure about the major to choose:

  1. Be practical.  The major you choose impacts the course of your career, so it’s important for your major to correspond to the career you’d like to have.  If you are an undergraduate who’s also unsure about a fitting occupation, you should take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (  The MBTI is a test which gauges your personality ‘type’ and can help you by suggesting occupations fitting that ‘type.’  Moreover, it is simple to take and can make out your ‘type’ with reasonable accuracy. is a good resource for undergraduates, too.  The site gives labor statistics for each industry and its ‘jobseekers’ webpage has a subsection for students about choosing a job fitting your skills.