Valuable Connections

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Nov 15, 2010 in , , | No Comments

You have valuable networking connections through

people you may not have considered–your parents.

One person I know, a recent MBA grad from a prestigious college in California, began busing tables at a local restaurant a month after graduation. Unable to find employment in the industry of his choice, this was the only employment available to him. His parents had invested a small fortune in his education and didn’t waste time contacting their connections.

Within a short period time, a family friend, president of a Silicon Valley corporation, offered the grad a job as his personal assistant. In this position, there was ample opportunity to observe and learn, the new hire welcomed the mentoring he received. At the same time, he continued his job search as his current position was a temporary one. In a year, he landed a middle management job with an electronics company.

Have you tapped into your parents connections? Take advantage of their work connections. Also, don’t discount your dads poker buddies, or moms nonprofit volunteer connections–someone they know could be your next employer.