What does your voice tell interviewers?

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Nov 11, 2010 in , , | 4 Comments

A good first impression is essential when interviewing.

This might be one thing easily overlooked–how you sound.

What’s in your voice?

Did you know that the tempo of your voice in an interview may be a dead giveaway you are depressed?

Usually, depressed people talk slower and without inflection. What’s your tempo? Is it upbeat, moving at a normal pace? If not, it is important to change it before an interview.

What else might show up in your voice? Anger may rear its ugly head in an interview, especially if you haven’t dealt properly with your unemployment status. If you resent the fact you were let go, cannot find employment after graduation, or have been without employment for a long period, you could be harboring a great deal of anger. Be sure to fully deal with those feelings before accepting an interview. If you don’t, a well-trained interviewer’s ears will easily detect it.

Do ask friends, family and a professional at your career center what they hear in your voice. Change whatever is necessary to boost your chances of getting the job!