BYOB: Be Your Own Boss

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Create That Job!

Do you know someone who has an adventurous spirit? The type that ventured out on their own and created a successful business?

It seemed as if they did this effortlessly, yet if the truth be told, they worked 18 hour days, 7 days a week in order to bring their business into the winners arena. Is this the norm for all independents? Certainly not, there are many who began businesses while keeping their 9-5 job, or during a time when they opted to stay home and raise children. In those instances, choices were made by them to limit the time and energy devoted to their vision.  Some may have waited until they were laid off (or retired) to bring their business to fruition. Others were students, newly graduated from college, who struck out on their own to begin a business.

The Elevator Pitch

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Do you have an “elevator pitch”?

An elevator pitch allows you to show your personal value to networking contacts.

First, the pitch is your personal marketing message that only spans the time it takes to go from the bottom to top floors in the elevator of a high-rise (hence the name “elevator pitch”). Second, it is used when meeting networking contacts, or in an informational meeting. Third, this is not a “canned” statement, but you’ll need to speak naturally, persuasively, and highlight a bit your work background.

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Wouldn’t you like to be apprised of the quirks and failings of an instructor such as jabbering on about off-subject things or giving lousy marks on essays BEFORE you choose to take the course?  If ‘yes,’ here’s a site for you: has the biggest listing of undergraduates’ ratings on instructors on the web.  It’s got reviews on 1 million instructors from 6,000+ schools across the U.S., Canada, and Britain.  The site is easily navigable and you can log-on to assess the competency of your instructors using such criterion as ‘clarity,’ ‘easiness,’ and ‘helpfulness.’  What’s more, if, say, you’re taking two grueling courses one quarter and would like to supplement those courses with a not so rigorous course, the site’s undergraduate reviews can tell you whose courses won’t be too taxing.

Happy Holidays from

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Dear Community,

We want to wish you a happy holidays and thank each and every one of you for choosing to further our mission by helping college students and their mentors achieve their goals.

We launched in September with the help of dozens of volunteers and several companies that offered their pro-bono services. Our 400+ mentors are generously volunteering their time to impact the lives of college students. It has been very exciting to see just how fast we have grown in a short period of time! We were recently featured in CNN/Fortune, USA Today, and Yahoo! Finance.

Online Colleges

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The best online colleges possess the following:


Accredited and endorsed by the Department of Education is what legitimate colleges should include on their website and in literature. If they say licensed, or any other buzz word that essentially means nothing, you may spend time, along with your hard earned money, obtaining a piece of paper not honored by your employer.


A good online college should not charge you in a lump sum, rather per course or per credit.


Educators must have degrees from accredited universities, have teaching experience and teaching credentials (many require a Masters or PhD., are considered “professionals” in their field, and might not require a teaching credential).

Preparing Students

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What is one way to determine if the colleges you are researching prepare their students for the workplace?

Ask what the school’s student loan default rate is–if it’s high–you might assume this college is not preparing students for jobs, since they can’t pay off loans. If students were well prepared, and received assistance to find employment, the default rate on student loans would be lower.

Basically, working grads are paying grads.

Holiday Networking

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Most job hunters will begin to back off on their networking and search from November through January–this is a big mistake.

Some wrongly assume employers won’t be hiring during the holidays. It’s a myth, they do hire year round. Just think, if most job seekers slow down during the holiday months, that means your chances to land a job goes up.

Be Prepared

With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, don’t let the opportunities ahead pass you by.

Here are some tips to get you up and running during the holidays:

Creating Your First Resume

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There is no better time to start building your resume than NOW! But writing your first resume can be tough; trying to focus on your educational and extracurricular activities and less on your lack of work experience.

To get started, I would highly suggest getting a pen and paper and writing a draft/list that you can use as a blue print for your resume. In the draft list all of your educational experience (years, degrees, honors, etc.), extracurricular and volunteer experience (years, description, position), and any work experience, including any internships (years, description, position). Once you have all of this information, you can easily put it into a resume format.

Why You Probably Didn't Get Hired

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Credit Reports and Background Checks

When applying for a position, one space people automatically fill in is that of their social security number. The only reason a potential employer wants this information is to run a credit score and background check. Usually, in fine print, it states by signing the application, you are giving permission for them to do these checks. By law, they need your permission to get your credit score.

Student Debt

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Most college grads are drowning in debt due to student loans.

Are you feeling the weight of paying those debts back? Here’s some good news…

Executive Director of Project on Student Debt ( states that, “if most of your loans are federal (Stafford or Perkins for example) you are in luck: there is now a sliding-scale payment option.” The 2007 Income Based Repayment, a policy designed to make repaying loans easier for grads pursuing jobs with lower salaries is available. Payments are based on your monthly income, family size, and total amount borrowed.