Importance of Internships

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Dec 4, 2010 in | No Comments

These days, with the job market being at an all time low, the importance of internships while in college could not be any higher. Internships are useful for giving you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in real world work environments and also help you develop skills which will enable you become a more well-rounded and experienced professional. They are also a great way to network with other professionals in your field, and possibly secure job placement once you’ve graduated college. An internship will serve as your buffer for the transition from college over into the real world. It is one thing to study a certain field, but the real learning takes place when you apply that knowledge in a hands-on, working environment. After you graduate college and apply for a full-time job, employers will want to see that you have some kind of experience in the field, and an internship provides just that.

Finding the right internship for you is not hard. Because some majors require internships as part of the degree, your academic advisor, career services and development center, or even you major’s department supervisor should have connections with companies that invite college students to participate in a semester, or summer, program. Most colleges also offer job and internship fairs on campus, so be sure to check those out, and bring your resume (more on that next week)! There are also online resources that can guide you in choosing the right internship and succeeding in it. Quintessential Careers ( provides tutorials, “How to Find Your Ideal Internship”, “Do’s and Don’ts of Interning”, and “Turning Your Internship Into a Job” links and lets students search the world’s largest internship database of free!
So don’t be nervous, dive right in! It’s the only way to take full advantage of the internship experience and gain those essential skills you will need to become a successful professional.