Want to achieve your goals? Find a mentor!

Posted by Ashkon Jafari on Jan 3, 2011 in , , | No Comments

Finding a mentor while in college is more important than ever these days. With the economic downturn, the careers you may have been considering may no longer be viable options. Furthermore, it’s hard to know what you should major in and thus what careers you should pursue. With so many options out there you may be feeling stuck.

Many college students feel this way and also have no one to turn to for advice. They don’t have parents or family friends that are doctors, engineers, writers, etc. One of the best things you can do to reach your goals is to reach out and find a mentor. Professionals with experience love to talk with college students more than you might think! Most mentors say they fill invigorated to mentor a young person. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as “What was your experience like as a student or early in your career?” or “What do you think would have been useful to know then?” Here’s more things to consider and discuss with your mentor.

You may be wondering what some of the other benefits of mentorship include. The following is a short list of benefits, but there’s many more!

  • Enhances confidence and offers challenges to set higher goals, take risks and achieve at higher levels.
  • Individual recognition and encouragement.
  • Psychosocial support.
  • Advice on balancing range of academic and professional responsibilities.

Through a mentorship, you can go on your way towards achieving your goals!