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This is the third, and last in a series of posts regarding internships.

Finding an internship was once tedious, but not anymore!

In 2010, Mark Babbit (CEO) and Deb Babbit (Co-founder) of launched their useful tool for students and grads. Their site pairs interns with start-ups, nonprofits and entrepreneurship opportunities in a few easy steps. Best of all–it’s free! Employers also pay nothing to advertise intern positions, making for many ads being posted for positions nationwide.

When you log on, you’ll find tabs that direct you to answers to questions such as: “Why Use YouTern?”, or their blog section which contains valuable information any job seeker would appreciate. There are also streaming listings on the home page, displaying their large slice of the intern market. And if you’ve got a question, a friendly person on their live chat will be happy to assist you.

A great aspect about is no time is wasted scrolling though listings–they’ll compare your skill sets and aspirations with the needs of companies! In addition, they’ve gotten some positive early reviews from the University of Wisconsin and Seneca College.

Still not convinced an internship is for you? Perhaps these eye-opening statistics found on their site might change your mind:

1.) 45% of employable people under the age of 25 remain unemployed.

2.) 9 out of 10 jobs will go to students with experiential education on their resumes.

If you decide to try their free service, please leave me a message on this post about your experience.

Why not take your turn on You have experience to gain…nothing to lose.