Blind Ads Blinding Job Seekers

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Do you know what could cost you valuable time and money in your job search?

If you have been submitting your resume to online ads and responding to newspaper classifieds, you must read the following from an expert:

“The odds are against you…many of the newspaper ads are blind ads, meaning you can’t really tell what the job is or who the company is. Recruiters run these blind ads just to stir up prospects without having real positions available. Many companies run blind ads just to keep their reservoir of candidates. And some companies run blind ads to see if their own employees are looking for new opportunities. If you are spending more than 10% of your time using this method, you are wasting your time and energy that should be spent on more productive areas.” This quote was from 48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller (2007).

Knowing this type of activity is taking place can be frustrating, but knowledge is power. Learn how to work around these obstacles. Remember that blind ads may blind job seekers to the truth–there is a hidden agenda.

Alternatives to Ads

Throughout my blog posts, I have mentioned networking several times as the best way to land a job. 80-85% of jobs are found through networking. If you don’t network now, you are missing out on a valuable job search method. Be sure to understand how to properly network so you can get the best results. Several high profile sites offer a great deal of advice on how to effectively network your way to a job. One site, posted an excellent piece, 10 Ways to Network Properly, written by Rachael Zupek two years ago, I’ll re-post for you on Wednesday.


How would you describe the blind ad practice discussed here?