Two Students Lift Spirits

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The economy is bringing people down. See what two students did to change the mood on their campus…

Two Purdue University students, Cameron Brown and Brett Westcott, decided to spend two hours every Wednesday afternoon holding a sign which read, “Free Compliments”. When students passed by on the busy campus sidewalk, Cameron and Brett would say things like, “I like your red coat”, or “very nice smile” in an effort to lift spirits during the economic downturn.

Please, Don’t Do That!

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Rude interns, an ungrateful job seeker, sexist new hires, and a video.

These are examples of what you don’t want to do…

Rude Interns

While working my way through college, I was fortunate enough to have a position at the corporate headquarters of a Fortune 500 company. We were located near a prestigious university which shipped in a group of interns one summer I won’t soon forget.

My colleagues and I began to notice this group taking long lunches, waltzing through the halls chatting and laughing, not a care in the world. They didn’t seem to understand the rest of us were working while they played. I recall several in the office commenting on the interns and how they couldn’t wait until their summer stint was over.

He’s Changing the World

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Would you like to join him?

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, has been spending his time working on a new project. In this recent quote, he gives a clue to what he’s been up to these days,“The more thoughtful people are about global issues, the stronger we’ll be as a community.” I couldn’t agree more, and found his interview with Charles Schwab’s, On Investing magazine to be an interesting read.

The Boss from Hell

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Starting your first job can be stressful enough, but what if you’ve got a boss from hell?

These bosses prove their ineptness by raging at employees, being dishonest, absent, and making unwanted advances (just to name a few).

What can an employee do to protect themselves? Here are some simple tips to assist you…

The Explosive Boss

Business consultant Kevin Ford believes that employees should stick to work issues and keep emotions to a minimum in the office. In other words, if your rage-aholic boss shouts at you, don’t shout back. Instead, maintain your professionalism and calmly deal with the situation.

Self-Defeating Habits

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Do you possess these habits?

Anna Maravelas, psychologist and expert in workplace issues, believes there are two self-defeating habits in the office: finger pointing and self blame–both destructive–are rampant and must be addressed.

When something goes wrong, fingers point in the direction of whomever people feel are to blame. The frustration raises blood pressure and productivity falls. The flip side is self-blame, the finger points to the one in the mirror, which is equally destructive in certain incidences.

Party Like a Rock Star?

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Being a rock star has advantages. But what about partying like one?

Most college students like to go out on weekends, keeping late hours. How does staying out late affect your overall health?

In the journal Sleep, they reported a new study found outgoing people who stayed out late, and skimped on sleep, performed worse on cognitive tests, compared with equally sleepy introverts. “The extra brain activity involved in socializing may be the reason for this difference”, says Tracy Rupp, Ph.D., the author of the study.

Scholarship Know-How

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Proper funding of an education with scholarships ensures you’ll reach academic goals.

But, many applicants don’t file properly, make mistakes, and don’t follow directions, all of which can exclude you from funding.

The Today Show, has a special section, “Education Nation”, on their website worth browsing. Expert Pat Koen, gives valuable tips on how to do scholarships right–the first time–see it at

You’ll find tips such as:

  • Make zero mistakes on applications
  • Follow all directions carefully
  • Don’t forget to sign where indicated
  • Understand the criteria for each scholarship–one size does not fit all

Envy in the Workplace

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We’ve all seen it at the office…and it’s not pretty.

Coworkers “green with envy” can create a corrosive environment for all when they unleash their unhappiness.

Often envy is denied by most people, and in order to squelch this green-eyed monster, we must take a look at it face to face. According to Judith Sills, PhD., “Most often, it (envy) stalks the office as a sense of unfairness.” Sills believes that envy wears many disguises in the office, “It can be an invisible destructive force.”

Boost Your Career

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Whether interning, volunteering, or in your first full-time job…

Here are five simple things you can do to boost your career:

First, ask trusted colleagues to evaluate your performance on the job. This is an excellent way to improve…before the boss evaluates you. The good news is, you’ll probably receive a lot of praise for work well-done. But, be sure to take criticisms as ways to learn and grow, improving how you work. If brand new to the job, ask your supervisor how they prefer you do an important task, or to give you tips on prioritizing projects if unsure.