Add Value & Build Character

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When you volunteer your time in an organization, it fills their needs and those they serve.

But, it also builds character and adds value to your college application and resume.

You’ve seen it posted here on this site before and most likely elsewhere–volunteering is important! Whether you are in school, a grad, or have been out pounding the pavement seeking employment, volunteer experience on your resume or college application is a must.

Work-Life Balance

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Is your life out of balance?

One large contributing factor is staying late at the office, which puts you at a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine).

Regina Leeds, author of One Year to an Organized Work Life, believes that people “…have a hard time wrapping up at days end–they keep trying to squeeze in one more thing.” But it’s the extra minutes, that turn into extra hours, which cut into relationships, exercise and de-stressing. Leeds suggests you decide an hour before quitting time what absolutely has to be finished that day…and what can wait until the following morning.

Downfalls are Opportunities

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The thought of failure can often make some people break out into a cold sweat.

But perhaps we should consider our downfalls great opportunities.

How we look at failure matters. Some psychologists and job hunt guru’s feel that it’s the setbacks, adversity, and even trauma, which motivates us to be successful. Here are a couple of stories to prove their point…

Great Failure Stories

J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter author) went through a broken marriage, parental disapproval and poverty. All she went through motivated her to write, her first dream, since she had nothing else to lose.  She stated, “Failure stripped away everything inessential…it taught me things about myself I could have learned no other way.”

Boost Cognitive Performance

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Has your brain turned to jell-o?

The stress associated with being a college student often creates episodes of feeling overwhelmed. At a time when you need your brain to be working at its optimum, it can let you down. You may feel as if your brain has turned to jell-o. Here is a helpful tip to rev up the gray matter without using harmful drugs, caffeine and chemical-laden canned drinks, or that expensive cup of java.

FAFSA & Student Loans

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Two important things to remember this year…

Suze Orman states in her article, Your Money Blueprint for 2011, (O Magazine), if you, or a student in your household will be attending college this fall, submit a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) now. Suze also states it’s ok to use estimates for 2010 taxes.

Her second tip is a reminder that the six month grace period between graduation and repayment, for many student loans, is approaching. Make sure your repayment arrangements are in order.

Don’t wait to get busy on these two important items. Complete the FAFSA today!