Two Students Lift Spirits

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Mar 31, 2011 in , , | No Comments

The economy is bringing people down. See what two students did to change the mood on their campus…

Two Purdue University students, Cameron Brown and Brett Westcott, decided to spend two hours every Wednesday afternoon holding a sign which read, “Free Compliments”. When students passed by on the busy campus sidewalk, Cameron and Brett would say things like, “I like your red coat”, or “very nice smile” in an effort to lift spirits during the economic downturn.

You might think that people would laugh at them, but what the “compliment guys” found was students deliberately walked by them every Wednesday! This speaks to the need we all have to feel good about ourselves, especially in difficult times. Whether it’s our flair for fashion, or that we have a great smile–we have a need to know someone noticed and liked us.

This idea can be transferred into the workplace, creating a work environment whereby coworkers feel better about themselves.  Notice how someone’s face lights up when you tell them they did an excellent job on the new project, or their recent suggestion in a meeting was brilliant. They’ll not only feel great, but so will you when you realize that compliment spurred them on to do bigger and better things in the office. What’s being created is a positive environment, benefiting everyone, and don’t we want that now?

When you go to class or work tomorrow, take your cue from the “compliment guys”, be aware of fellow classmates or coworkers doing their best, let them know you appreciate them. Don’t be surprised if they line up at your desk wanting to hear more…and give you compliments in return!