Direction Determines Your Destination

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Apr 21, 2011 in , , | No Comments

People may have the right intentions, but it’s the direction they’re going in life that determines their destination.

Life is a series of related decisions, and it’s not luck that gets you to where you want to be. What direction are you heading right now? Some paths can lead you far away from your original goals and dreams, while others keep you on track to realize them.

Take a quick inventory right now, are the decisions you are presently making going to realistically get you to your goal? Have you gotten off track, even just a little, recently? How can you now get back on track if you find you are in fact on an unplanned detour? For example: your finances for school are minimal, and debt is mounting, yet you haven’t bothered to find ways to cut back on expenses. Today, get back on track by making a list of monthly expenses. Now see where you can cut costs right off–it’s easy when you’re ruthless! Stick to your budget, no matter what.

Do you have cell phone and cable bills in another stratosphere? Check out, see how you can save money watching your favorite programs–free. Instead of a contract phone, opt for a pay-as-you-go phone that costs around $15 to purchase and then add minutes when needed. This helps you control your talking/texting habit too. (Please don’t talk/text while driving). Sure, the contract phone might not have all the latest bells and whistles, but right now you have to make drastic changes. Think of the future.

How about your job seeking approach, have you become discouraged? Don’t let this economy steal your dreams. Begin to ramp up your search tactics by focusing on networking, reading the best resources on interviewing, resume, and cover letter writing. Log on to’s home page and get yourself a great mentor! They can help keep you on track, motivated and aimed in the right direction.

What direction are you moving in? Make the right decisions to get to the best destination.