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Today’s Topic: “Networking in College” 

Jill is a sophomore at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania majoring in business marketing.

Get Motivated!

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Has the school grind worn you out?

Or has the thought of job hunting got you down?

Do you feel you need something new to get motivated?

I found an interesting website by an author, included on it is a helpful test. “Get Motivated!”, by Tamara Lowe (National Best Seller), uses personal “Motivational DNA” to determine what actually motivates each person. I took the quick and free online test myself, finding it very accurate. It can be used as a tool for self-examination, leading you a better way of running your life, avoiding whatever bogs you down.

Do You Want to be Happy?

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Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen delivered a lecture which had students talking.

He took what he knew best–business tools–and showed students how to create a happy life with five management strategies.

On the last day of class, he asks students to answer three important questions. Take a moment to answer them, (listed below). Then read the five management strategies and answer my short questions under each of those.

Are You a Successful Student?

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The following are five indicators of success. How many do you possess?

In college there are certain things that set successful students apart from the rest of the crowd.

1.) Passion-A person with passion sets goals, you won’t have a clear direction without them.

2.) Determination-Without a purpose, obstacles will throw you into a new direction, luring you away from your original path.

3.) Talent-Discover what your own talents are: what do you love to do?

4.) Self-Discipline-You will be easily swayed without it, being the foundation for #’s 1-3.

Show Me the Money!

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Once job seekers move past the initial interview, the next hurdle is salary negotiation.

Often dreaded and misunderstood, successful salary negotiation is an essential element in job seeking.

In order to achieve a win-win situation between you and the potential employer, you’ve got to do your homework. Know what the range is for this position, which is usually posted on the employers job site. Whether it is or isn’t there, go to the OOH (Occupational Outlook Handbook) site to verify the salary range for the position. Be sure to know what kind of salaries are typical for your particular area. Big cities command higher salaries, on average, than do small towns. Also, figure out what your skills, experience, and accomplishments are worth to an employer.

Unconventional Networking Sites

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A growing number of culturally diverse students, grads and professionals are seeking alternatives to conventional networking sites.

iHispano has filled a niche for Latino professionals. The free site offers job postings, networking opportunities, and much more.

LatProNetworks, also offers recruiting, job search for bilingual speakers and more.

See also, a site devoted to the minority job search.

These sites offer a unique opportunity for students, grads and professionals to converse and network in their first language, if they so choose. This is especially helpful to those who are monolingual, or presently learning English as a Second Language.

Where to Network

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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites are being invaded by job seekers, recruiters and potential employers alike.

These business and social networking sites have opened up more doors for millions of unemployed people at a time when they are most needed. Take advantage of networking there, but don’t forget the old standbys–friends and family–where a gold mine of job opportunities are to be had.

And if you’re a graduate student, check out Graduate Junction.

If you have already graduated, see MyWorkster, which connects professionals with fellow alumni.

See the companion Quick Tip, “Unconventional Networking Sites” for unique networking opportunities with a diverse group.

Listening Techniques for Interviewees…and Dogs?

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In an interview, the employer will ask the applicant many questions.

Not every question may seem relevant…and some might seem downright strange.

For example, one interviewee recently commented that an interviewer asked, “if you could be any breed of dog, what would you be?” While this question might prompt a good laugh, how you answer this particular question speaks volumes to the trained interviewer. Here is where your effective listening and interviewing techniques come in handy.

Choose the Best Answer

Below are two examples of how the question above might be answered. See if you can pick out the best answer, but also be able to answer why it is the best answer: