Common Interview Questions

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Depending on the type of interview and interviewer, you could have a vast array of questions put to you.

But there are key questions which are asked in the majority of interviews that are highlighted below. In Next-Day Job Interview (Prepare Tonight and Get the Job Tomorrow), by Michael Farr and Dick Gaither, they present many questions, and sample answers, along with much more, to assist in the interview process. Listed in the book are the following questions (and more)  you must know how to answer–honestly and properly–in order to be a strong candidate.

Question #1:

Tell me a little about yourself?

Free (and almost free) Courses

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With the cost of education skyrocketing, it’s nice to have free online courses.

Do you want to gain more knowledge in a new subject, or just brush up on one? Here is an inexpensive way to do so with classes that range from Archaeology 101 to MBA courses at Yale University! They also offer some free AudioBooks on this site too.

Do you want to strike out on your own? Young Entrepreneur is a great site to find many free downloads to assist you in business and interact with others.

For-Profit College Rip-Offs

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Lawmakers are finally cracking down on for-profit colleges accused of preying on students.

I’ve written a few blogs on this particular subject. Each time, I find the information about this subject more and more disturbing, since these colleges seem to go after the most vulnerable people. Their recruiters make promises they can’t keep, blatantly lie about being accredited, and falsify student loan information. Don’t become one of their victims!

Unpaid Internships Illegal

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Have you landed your internship position yet?

Cheer up, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers: “…employers intend to hire 19% more graduates this year than last.” That may be the best news you’ll hear this spring. According to The Economist magazine, there are fewer entry level positions to be had in a number of industries. That’s the bad news. That’s why a number of grads are finding unpaid internships more plentiful than actual paid positions.

Smart College Financial Planning

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Is it true the costs associated with a higher education require a small fortune?

The answer: it completely depends on your plan. Now can you buck the expensive system and still obtain a great education. It’s easy, just follow this advice…

State University or Community College

If you’ve got your heart set on a private school, you can always transfer after saving yourself thousands by spending the freshman and sophomore years at your local community college or a nearby state university.

GPA, Credit Rating & Financial Aid

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Your GPA has always been very important, but your credit rating is starting to take the lead.

Here’s some bad news: a great GPA won’t help you get your dream job any longer. Employers are running credit checks to see your credit score. If your debt is excessive and you have been delinquent with payments, chances are you might not stand a chance to be hired–even with a great GPA. It’s imperative to keep debt as low as possible and continue to pay on that debt.

Online Assessment and Video

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Assessments and videos are extremely helpful if you are undecided as to what field to pursue, or unemployed.

Two sites I suggest are, Literacyworks and The Good Work Project. When you enter the Literacyworks site, click “Multiple Intelligences” to find the Multiple Intelligences Assessment, written by Professor Howard Gardner, Developmental Psychologist. It may help you discover hidden work abilities, preferences, and interests that can be applied to certain fields. Additionally, job seekers who have become discouraged can use the information to strike out on a fresh path.