Online Assessment and Video

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on May 16, 2011 in , , | No Comments

Assessments and videos are extremely helpful if you are undecided as to what field to pursue, or unemployed.

Two sites I suggest are, Literacyworks and The Good Work Project. When you enter the Literacyworks site, click “Multiple Intelligences” to find the Multiple Intelligences Assessment, written by Professor Howard Gardner, Developmental Psychologist. It may help you discover hidden work abilities, preferences, and interests that can be applied to certain fields. Additionally, job seekers who have become discouraged can use the information to strike out on a fresh path.

Professor Gardner also has other information which is valuable in “The Good Work Project” site. There you may view his video “The Theory of Multiple Mentors” which highlights his personal mentoring experiences and some of his own works. Also, in the upper left corner of the site, you may download information about The Good Work Project and see information about “What’s Your Calling?”

Sometimes, all you need is a new set of possibilities to feel motivated about important choices. Take the assessment and view the video and download, research fields that utilize your talents and spark your passion. Talk to people in the fields your assessment has highlighted. Have you overlooked a sector in your job search? Now is the perfect time to investigate that sector.

Also, remember to check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook online at OOH for job descriptions, salary, and projections for your field of interest. Knowing if a field has a positive projected outlook 5-10 years into the future is important. If your first choice in a field has less than 5 years, you may want to reconsider, going with your second choice if the outlook is better.