Recapture Your Creativity

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Researchers at North Dakota State University encourage us to start “kidding” around…

Are you burned out from pushing yourself hard during the school year? Feel as if your creativity has dried up? Then it’s time for a break–and you don’t have to fly to Cabo! Researcher Michael Robinson suggests doing the following…

1.) His first suggestion is to think of yourself in a more lighthearted way, maybe by enjoying your personal quirks.

2.) As people age, they begin to think more narrowly about the range of possibilities available. By doing more spontaneous things everyday, you’ll present yourself with more possibilities.

Strive for Excellence

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“The fact that excellence isn’t something a person is born with should be encouraging.”

The quote above is from John C. Maxwell’s latest article, A More Excellent Life, in which he provides steps to reach personal greatness. Mr. Maxwell is a speaker, bestselling author and founder of EQUIP, who communicates his principles to Fortune 500 companies, international marketing organizations and more.

Caution: Career Curves Ahead!

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The biggest myth regarding a career path is that it always resembles a ladder.

But the reality is that career paths, on average, don’t resemble a ladder. Judith Sills, Ph.D., Psychology Today, believes that careers actually can look like “…S-curves, hairpin turns, and long, flat stretches” too. She believes that it’s not what the path actually looks like in the end, but rather, “…smart steering and taking time to check out the scenery.” If you are looking for a new career or change of pace, try this free career quiz. Important advice to students and grads entering the workforce today.

Academic Mentor’s Expiration Date

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According to one study, professors have an “expiration date” when it comes to effective mentoring.

A Northwestern University study showed, “…when it comes to counseling, enthusiasm and commitment trump experience.” They found successful educators were great mentors in the first third of their careers, but didn’t do well in the final third. Why? The study’s author, R. Dean Malmgren believes, “They may have had too much on their plates to effectively oversee students or put themselves in their proteges’ places.” But Malmgren confirms mentoring benefits both parties.

Planning for College Admission

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Students and parents may feel as if the college admission process is like playing a game.

In a sense, it is, but there are strategies to assist in planning an academic and career future.

As you already may have discovered, there are numerous resources online and at your local library. I found one, College Admissions Together: It Takes a Family, by Andrea Lieman, Ph.D. and Steven Roy Goodman, M.S., J.D., that addresses many important aspects of the college admission process sometimes omitted from other books.

Below are important things to keep in mind whether you’re a parent, guardian or student.

From Temporary to Permanent

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One great way to start earning an income is by temping.

Here are some impressive statistics about temporary work:

  1. 90% of all companies use temporary workers.
  2. 40% of all temps find permanent employment.
  3. 79% of all temps work full-time.

Large, well-established temporary agencies, such as Manpower, also provide a full benefits package to their temps. Many agencies offer you flexibility too, with the choice of where and when you’ll work. But, if you have bills to pay and want to find more permanent employment, it’s wise to take what’s offered.