Recapture Your Creativity

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on May 12, 2011 in , , | No Comments

Researchers at North Dakota State University encourage us to start “kidding” around…

Are you burned out from pushing yourself hard during the school year? Feel as if your creativity has dried up? Then it’s time for a break–and you don’t have to fly to Cabo! Researcher Michael Robinson suggests doing the following…

1.) His first suggestion is to think of yourself in a more lighthearted way, maybe by enjoying your personal quirks.

2.) As people age, they begin to think more narrowly about the range of possibilities available. By doing more spontaneous things everyday, you’ll present yourself with more possibilities.

3.) Adults often treat their daily errands as problems to be solved in a logical way. Appreciate your tasks as exploration opportunities, not boring duties.

4.) Smell the roses. Living in, and being present in the moment, allows you to appreciate fun when it happens.

5.) Don’t fill your entire day with work, school or chores. Free time is free! Take a moment to sit outside and enjoy nature, read a good book, or take a 20-30 minute power nap.

6.) Be a kid again! Robinson and his fellow researcher Darya Zabelina found that having a more childlike mind-set helps people tap into their creative side. Zabelina states, “It’s about giving yourself permission to explore and free time to play. It would not just increase your creativity–it would also motivate you to create.”

If you’re feeling stagnant and not very creative today, try boosting creativity by looking through the eyes of your 7 year-old self again. Write down how you’d spend your free time–as your 7-year old self would–it may inspire you to do something spontaneous.