Grade Changes are Possible

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Jun 13, 2011 in , , | No Comments

Surprised by an unexpected grade?

Based on your performance, you’re banking on a particular grade, but something else happens…

When reviewing your transcripts, (the hard-earned reward for long nights of study), something grabs your attention…a “B” instead of an “A” shows up in one of your classes. WHAT?! Quickly, you review everything from that class–and you’re right–it should be an “A”. The next step taken must be immediate.

A long-held assumption is you can’t ask for, or get, a grade change. This is a myth. Mistakes are made by professors and T.A.’s alike, so do keep all work as proof if the wrong grade is posted. Contact the professor directly, explain the situation and give them a copy of what you have as proof (should they question this challenge).

I fully understand how it feels to have the wrong grade on transcripts. In my case, the professor was in the U.K. for the summer and his T.A. turned in the grades. I had to snail mail him in order to present my case. My professor was great, he called me, apologizing profusely for the mistake and immediately called the college to change the grade. When I disclosed to others close to me the issue, I found it interesting they told me to “forget it, no professor ever changes a grade.”

It may be true, not every professor is as accommodating as mine. If this is the case, ask them to explain why, (after reviewing your work), they don’t believe you deserve a higher grade. They might point out something you’ve missed, or the answer could point out their error. Either way, a resolution should take place. If it doesn’t, other options can be explored. Some colleges have a mediation board specifically designed to hear student’s concerns. Investigate how to be heard, keep your cool, and prepare your case.

Remember, grade changes are possible but there may be some effort involved to get it done.