Online Application Black Holes

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Jun 9, 2011 in , , | No Comments

When filling out applications, know where your information is really going.

It’s important to be careful where you post your personal information. With so many applying for jobs online, you have to wonder, “is my application going into a black hole?” Too many job scams exist, Craigslist has had its share of complaints from job seekers regarding this matter.

One site, World Privacy Forum, gives helpful information about protecting yourself. Log on to this site to find out about fake jobs, scams, resume privacy, and more.

Always know where your personal information is going and how it is being used. Be sure the site is legitimate; don’t enter your personal information into sites you’re unsure of, or send them a resume with your full address or social security number.

Protect yourself by taking a few extra steps.