Grade Changes are Possible

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Surprised by an unexpected grade?

Based on your performance, you’re banking on a particular grade, but something else happens…

When reviewing your transcripts, (the hard-earned reward for long nights of study), something grabs your attention…a “B” instead of an “A” shows up in one of your classes. WHAT?! Quickly, you review everything from that class–and you’re right–it should be an “A”. The next step taken must be immediate.

Online Application Black Holes

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When filling out applications, know where your information is really going.

It’s important to be careful where you post your personal information. With so many applying for jobs online, you have to wonder, “is my application going into a black hole?” Too many job scams exist, Craigslist has had its share of complaints from job seekers regarding this matter.

One site, World Privacy Forum, gives helpful information about protecting yourself. Log on to this site to find out about fake jobs, scams, resume privacy, and more.

Job Fairs…Worth the Effort?

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If you prepare properly, job fairs can be beneficial to your job search.

There are many ways to increase your chances of being hired–the best of course is networking. But in this market, don’t leave any stone unturned. If a job fair is scheduled in your area, do take advantage of what it has to offer: an opportunity to meet employers, other job seekers, see what’s available, and practice marketing what you have to offer.

A Pro’s Tips

Bob Westerkamp, general manager of Targeted Job Fairs, gives these tips to job seekers:

  1. Preregister online to avoid long lines and research the companies listed.

Getting in the Employers Door

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A few suggestions are very bold moves, but remember, we’re in an unusual job market.

The following are quotes from experts to assist you in your job search…

“Now is not the time to say, ‘Either I’m getting my dream job or forget it.’ Ask how you can get a job doing something you like doing, that pays a decent wage, teaches [you] skills, and lets you make connections, so that when the economy gets better, you can be promoted or get the job you really want.”-Trudy Steinfeld

Don’t Bring it to the Interview!

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When you leave for your next interview, be sure to leave one thing behind…

Employers are complaining: during interviews people forget to turn off their cell phones and interesting ring tones begin to play. It won’t bode well for a candidate if Lady GaGa’s latest release begins to blast from a briefcase, handbag or suit pocket. Even if you’ve set it on “vibrate”, it will break your concentration as it flutters away. As difficult as it might be to leave it behind, please do so.

There are those who have actually answered the call in an interview! This is not advised.