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Today’s Topic: “Get Ready for Fall”

Jill is a sophomore at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania majoring in business marketing.

Student Loan Repayment 411

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There are three helpful sites you’ll want to bookmark regarding your student loans…

Congratulations! You’ve survived the loan application process and your education is funded. Now what? It’s imperative you take some time to organize paperwork, mark your calendar and understand a few tips from the experts.

Sites to Bookmark

The first site is Suze Orman’s, go to the home page where you’ll find “The Suze Scoop”, Repaying Student Loans, this article is dated 2/17/11. Another site, (which Ms. Orman mentions), is by college financial expert Mark Kantrowitz, Finaid. The final site is FastWeb, which has a Repaying Student Loans Quick Reference Guide that is downloadable. This reference shows “Key Student Loan Resources” on a long list with web addresses and phone numbers you’ll want to keep handy.

Personalities in the Workplace

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There are several different theories of personality.

One recognized by psychologists is that of the four basic personality groups: Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric, and Phlegmatic.

Knowing and understanding these personality groups, (or temperament types), may assist with interactions between yourself, coworkers and supervisors. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses within these groups also assists you in comprehending what you, and others, are capable of performing in the office.

Description of Groups

In the groups below, you may find your own personal description fits into two of the categories, for example–Sanguine and Choleric–a common combination. It is not unusual for some people to find traits in all four groups listed.

Career Tips from Successful Executives

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These tips will get you off to a good start in your new job…

“Whether you’re just starting your professional life or dreaming of retirement, you can benefit from the most important lesson each of these three female executives has learned,” advises Kristin Cooke. In Shape magazine’s news, Cooke features three successful executives sharing their valuable career tips:

Marisa Louie (Founder and CEO of HeroEx) of San Francisco, California, stated, “If you want to start your own business, you can’t always play it safe. The most important thing is that you do your homework before shelling out any cash. And remember, only gamble on an idea that has the potential to make a large return on your investment.”

Do You Ramble in Interviews?

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“Can you write an article to teach a person not to ramble in an interview?”

-A group member asked of me on LinkedIn

I think it may be nerves. If you sit down and write out your own answers to the most commonly asked questions in interviews (see other posts here about interviews), that will help you be prepared. Be sure to practice at home with someone or go to a One Stop or Career Center for a mock interview before the actual interview occurs. Ask they point out your errors, be aware of what you are saying–think before you speak. Now, ask yourself what is happening–what are you thinking about–is it nervousness? Are you trying to fill silence? What exactly are you trying to do? Basically, you want to answer honestly of course, but give enough information without it being too much.

What Would You Say?

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If you were asked to work weekends, a lot of overtime, relocate, and a host of other requests, what would you say?

In Can You Work This Weekend? by Suzy Welch, (O Magazine), she takes readers on an interesting ride though her world of successful friends (acting as lab rats of sorts) to discover the magic answer to the question posed.

Tips for Future Entrepreneurs

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Is your dream to be your own boss?

Since you’ll be in charge, there are a few things to establish in order to keep your business running smoothly:

  • Find Help-You may want to do it all, but stick with your expertise. Money tight? Find a willing (and smart) classmate to do what you can’t, or won’t.
  • Unproductive-Pick a task that can be done in 15 minutes, or less. Deadline approaching? Manage your time by estimating how long each job might take to finish–then record how long it actually did take to complete. Use this information to gauge other project deadlines. Don’t procrastinate until you are down to the wire–begin a project as soon as you get it. Sometimes outlining it from the beginning can assist in establishing a daily “to-do” list.

Botched Business Cards

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 A business card is a reflection of who you really are

I met with a very pleasant individual today and as we concluded our business, he handed me his card. At first quick glance, I noticed it had an interesting graphic and message. But, when I took a moment later to read the entire business card, I was horrified to see no less than four major spelling errors! Being an educator, I suspected he might be dyslexic and asked him a few questions–my hunch was right. I pointed out the errors, and at the same time complemented him on the creative graphic, hoping to lessen his embarrassment.