Botched Business Cards

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Jul 14, 2011 in , , | No Comments


 A business card is a reflection of who you really are

I met with a very pleasant individual today and as we concluded our business, he handed me his card. At first quick glance, I noticed it had an interesting graphic and message. But, when I took a moment later to read the entire business card, I was horrified to see no less than four major spelling errors! Being an educator, I suspected he might be dyslexic and asked him a few questions–my hunch was right. I pointed out the errors, and at the same time complemented him on the creative graphic, hoping to lessen his embarrassment.

My question is: didn’t anyone tell him about his errors? Evidently not. He’d been handing those cards out for quite some time.

By correcting those errors he will present himself in a much more professional light. In person, he is a helpful and kind individual. His business card should reflect who he really is, not someone who is careless or uneducated.

Before you hand over your business card (or JIST Card) to anyone, check it and have someone else check it too. You wouldn’t want to hand it to a teacher–or prospective employer with any errors.


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