Career Tips from Successful Executives

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These tips will get you off to a good start in your new job…

“Whether you’re just starting your professional life or dreaming of retirement, you can benefit from the most important lesson each of these three female executives has learned,” advises Kristin Cooke. In Shape magazine’s news, Cooke features three successful executives sharing their valuable career tips:

Marisa Louie (Founder and CEO of HeroEx) of San Francisco, California, stated, “If you want to start your own business, you can’t always play it safe. The most important thing is that you do your homework before shelling out any cash. And remember, only gamble on an idea that has the potential to make a large return on your investment.”

Alison Wistner (CFO of Zane Benefits) of Park City, Utah, believes, “You end up meeting a lot of people at professional events. Try to stay in touch with as many as you can–you never know when someone might hear of a job opening you’d be perfect for. As soon as you meet someone, add him or her to your LinkedIn account and try to grab lunch or a cup of coffee twice a month with people you respect in your industry.”

Mina Fies (CEO of Synergy Design & Consultation) Reston, Virginia, advises, “Many people think you need to work all day and all night to move up. You can go at that pace for a little bit, but don’t fall into the habit of believing you need to push all the time to get ahead–you’ll eventually burn out. So when you’re scheduling your work appointments, block out time for manicures, massages, and trips to the gym. Having balance in your life will make you even stronger in the office.”


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