Ending the War Between the Sexes

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In the Beginning…

Probably when Adam first spoke to Eve, that was the beginning of miscommunication between the sexes! Comedians have joked about this subject for decades, but it’s no joke when males and females fail to communicate effectively in the workplace. It can quickly turn into a war between the sexes.

Basic Differences = Confusing Encounters

In Sandy Feit’s article, Revelations from the Workplace, she discussed with author Shaunti Feldhahn her new book which investigates how females and males misread each others messages in the workplace.

More Reasons to Strive for Good Credit

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Jean Chatsky, financial expert, and a contributor on the Today Show, discussed how your bad credit score can be holding you back from a great deal in life…

The bad economy has caused millions of people to loose valuable standing with their credit. A score below 720 is considered too low now. Unfortunately, many Americans are saddled with scores in the 600 range–or lower. There are several ways your credit score is used and it’s not just for obtaining loans.

New Global College Marketplace

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What exactly is the “new global college marketplace”?

Basically, it is a growing trend of students who choose to attend college outside of their homeland. The number of students studying abroad is staggering–3 million–which is a 57 percent increase in just the past decade. This trend includes faculty too, who are taking advantage of opportunities at top foreign universities.

Additionally, a number of students studying abroad (in countries offering more opportunities than their homeland), stay in, or return to, those host countries. What are the pros and cons of this new global college marketplace?

Has Your College Taken the Challenge?

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In America, $5 billion a year is spent on food at colleges and universities–what’s the impact?

In the Summer 2011 edition of World Ark, Heifer International‘s magazine, (a great organization which allows people to invest in a unique program that helps struggling families world-wide to provide for themselves), I found an interview by Anna Lappe highlighting a student movement. Interviewed was Katie Blanchard, a recent grad of Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and an alum of Real Food Challenge–a group started by college students who began thinking about the impact of college and university food purchases. They created a network to support and educate students about food that is healthy, fair for workers, and good for the planet.