Gr8 Apps 4 U

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Now it’s much easier to stay happy and healthy by using tech tools…

Via Your Laptop

ZocDoc helps you find in-network physicians for your area, with their bios and reviews by patients. The site shows vacant appointments slots, allowing you to book an appoint that fits with your schedule. Right now, it’s only offered in Chicago, Dallas, NYC, S.F., and D.C., but by 2012 it will be nationwide.

DoAsOne assists those who become too stressed or have anxiety attacks. They have a free “Custom Breath Pacer”, which focuses on relaxing your breathing. You can choose a tranquil background color, listen to the soothing voice leading you through a relaxation exercise, and set the pace for your breath.

Taking a Medical Condition to College?

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Enter college without added stress by being organized.

Thousands of students enter college with minor–and major–medical conditions that usually require monitoring by a doctor, medication, and/or some attention to diet. But you can put any fears to rest by doing a few simple things described below.

Two College Grads Help

Brothers Spike and Bo Loy, authors of Getting A Grip On Diabetes, were college bound with type 1 diabetes. They decided to write the book to help others in their position deal with a serious, but manageable illness. Spike graduated from Stanford University, while Bo graduated from USC, both were very active, thanks to smart preparation. Below are a few of their tips to assist you in making your transition as smooth as possible:

Tango Home Free

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It’s giving Skype a run for it’s money and students another way to stay in touch…

Tango is a relatively new way to do free video calling, and it’s growing faster than Skype did. According to writer Quentin Hardy, Forbes magazine, in his article “Call Me, We’ll Tango”, the service already has 13 million users in 190 countries and adding close to a million every two weeks. He states, “Tango calls are good, not great, and can be done with or without looking at yourself as you talk. You can switch from front to back camera to show things as you talk. By this summer Tango will likely start charging for enhanced features.”

Going in Overly Prepared

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Is it possible to be “overly prepared” for your interview?

Experts say, yes.

While being prepared for an interview is imperative to landing the job you want, being overly prepared can kill your chances.

What is being overly prepared? Experts say showing up with too many ideas, charts, PowerPoint presentations and the like, might give the impression you want to take over, instead of being a team member. Yes, do have prepared material, just don’t over do it. Bringing a well thought out chart or short PowerPoint presentation, (in certain industries), could impress your interviewers. The problem is when you get carried away–that turns them off quickly.

Overthinking Your Life?

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Smart people often make everything harder than it needs to be.

Are you “overthinking” your life?

Life Coach Gail Blanke, discussed why we overthink and how to combat that habit in Real Simple magazine’s article “It’s Easier Than You Think”.  First, Blanke emphasizes that sometimes “simple thinking” can be an advantage in a complicated world. Second, instead of looking at all the negative possibilities, focus on the positive possibilities.

Do You Still Text While Driving?

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If so, be prepared to stand trial…

It’s bad enough if you crash your car, or kill yourself while texting and driving. But it’s worse when you injure or kill an innocent party. In a college town nearby, a student was driving home, texting at the same time. She didn’t realize two important things: her speed had increased and there were two people in the crosswalk ahead.

Is a Prepaid Credit Card for You?

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Amassing personal debt on top of student loan debt is a concern for many students. Here’s one way to tackle that problem…

Prepaid credit cards allow you or your parents to deposit money into the account for necessary expenses, when the card is used, the money is drawn from the account. However, there are certain things you need to know to protect yourself from being gouged.

According to writer Jeff Wuorio, in the Live Smart section of USA Weekend, take into consideration the following before investing in a prepaid credit card:

Be a Change Master

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Are you the master of change in your life, or has change brought you to your knees?

Whether it’s adapting to school, or a new job, you’ve got to be prepared for the many changes ahead. Author Debra J. Crumpton, MBA, explains how to take charge of change in her book, Mastering Change Through Conscious Choice.

Anticipating and Adapting to Change

Those who adapt to the ups and downs in life are better able to survive anything. Not only do you have to learn how to adapt when change does come around, but anticipating it keeps you one step ahead of the game.