Do You Still Text While Driving?

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Aug 18, 2011 in , , | No Comments

If so, be prepared to stand trial…

It’s bad enough if you crash your car, or kill yourself while texting and driving. But it’s worse when you injure or kill an innocent party. In a college town nearby, a student was driving home, texting at the same time. She didn’t realize two important things: her speed had increased and there were two people in the crosswalk ahead.

That day, a young mother was severely injured and not expected to live because her body was so broken from the impact. Her tiny daughter was killed instantly when the student’s car smashed directly into her stroller. Police investigating the scene indicated the accident was especially gruesome since the child took the brunt of the impact. The student now faces a trial for manslaughter. Her future, and the future of the two lives she took are forever changed. Will she ever be able to forgive herself for what she did? And how long might the nightmare of that day play over and over in her mind?

This tragic scenario has played out countless times across the U.S., and it brings with it only pain–the sad reality is–it didn’t have to happen. Had the student put her cell phone in her backpack and left it there while driving, life would be much different for her and the young mother and child.

The American Journal of Public Health found distracted driving (due to texting) accounted for an increase of fatalities by 28% since 2005–that’s a drastic increase. It’s a senseless amount of people dying on the freeways and side streets of this country. And it can easily be prevented. But you have to be mature enough to understand if you text, you’re taking other peoples lives into your hands, not to mention your own.

In California, where the tragic accident described above took place, there is talk of raising the first offense ticket price to $300 for those driving while taking on a cell or texting. Why the increase? Because 40% of drivers have ignored the law. I think a young mother and her daughter are worth more than $300, don’t you?

By putting your phone away, or turning it off, you’ll concentrate on your driving. If you must make or take a call, pull off the road. In doing so, you will be saving a life–possibly your own.


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