Going in Overly Prepared

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Aug 24, 2011 in , , | No Comments


Is it possible to be “overly prepared” for your interview?

Experts say, yes.

While being prepared for an interview is imperative to landing the job you want, being overly prepared can kill your chances.

What is being overly prepared? Experts say showing up with too many ideas, charts, PowerPoint presentations and the like, might give the impression you want to take over, instead of being a team member. Yes, do have prepared material, just don’t over do it. Bringing a well thought out chart or short PowerPoint presentation, (in certain industries), could impress your interviewers. The problem is when you get carried away–that turns them off quickly.

Who usually makes the mistake of overkill? Older workers have been deemed as the most likely to do so. In their efforts to prove their worth and knowledge of their industry, they can try too hard. However, recent grads who want to make an impression so badly they make things go badly in the process, are also making the same mistake.

Be sure to get feedback regarding your prepared material long before the interview. Make an appointment with your campus Career Center, or community One Stop. Ask for a mock interview and especially feedback on your material. Make necessary changes that will assist you in making a positive, lasting impression in your interview.

Less is sometimes more!


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