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Now it’s much easier to stay happy and healthy by using tech tools…

Via Your Laptop

ZocDoc helps you find in-network physicians for your area, with their bios and reviews by patients. The site shows vacant appointments slots, allowing you to book an appoint that fits with your schedule. Right now, it’s only offered in Chicago, Dallas, NYC, S.F., and D.C., but by 2012 it will be nationwide.

DoAsOne assists those who become too stressed or have anxiety attacks. They have a free “Custom Breath Pacer”, which focuses on relaxing your breathing. You can choose a tranquil background color, listen to the soothing voice leading you through a relaxation exercise, and set the pace for your breath.

SHUTi offers a 6-week online program created by researchers at the University of Virginia. SHUTi uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, which teaches you how to identify and change thoughts and behaviors that may be preventing you from a good nights sleep. Find this interesting? You can enroll in the researchers’ next project, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

And Your Smartphone

iTriage this app lets you look up symptoms to see if you’ve got something serious. It also points you to the nearest doctors office, urgent care center or hospital emergency room. They aren’t a replacement for 911.

ScanAvert this $1.99 per month app allows you to enter your allergies and does all the work. Take your phone to the grocery store and scan the bar code of the item you wish to buy, ScanAvert warns you if it contains an allergen.

SimplyBeing will make you want to say “ohm”. This app is 99 cents and talks you through a relaxing 5-20 minute meditation session. Research shows meditation can improve your health by lowering your blood pressure, make you feel calmer and also prevents premature aging.

Living a collegiate life is hectic. In order to stay happy and healthy, try these helpful top tech tools. Leave a comment here to let me know how they worked for you. And please pass this information on to friends.

*Information from Lisa Fields article, “Gr8 hlth 4 u”, Self magazine.


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