Just 9 Pounds

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Here’s some heavy news…

A study by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota found that gaining as little as 9 pounds can trigger heart disease risk among healthy young people. The surge in body fat seems to affect blood vessel functioning–just one more reason to watch what you eat, right?

Freshman just starting college will find their normal routine disturbed and must quickly find ways to eat well and get the exercise they need. Walk or bike as much as possible, and take advantage of the school gym, pool, or run the track. I also invite you to read the two previous blogs Avoid the Freshman 20 (Part 1 & 2), to help with your eating habits.

And if you’re a grad, Fitness magazine cited a 2009 Canadian study which found, “The more places a community has that are conducive to physical activity (bike trails, fitness centers, pools), the more likely college grads are to exercise sufficiently.” If you’re relocating to a new town for a job opportunity, be sure to check out what’s available to keep you on your normal workout routine.

Extra weight is bound to happen if you’re under stress, eating unhealthy foods and not getting enough regular exercise. Exercise helps ease the stress of starting college, so when you feel especially overburdened, get your heart rate up. Exercise also helps with depression. Missing family and friends back home is common and exercise gets endorphins in the brain activated–they elevate mood.

Diabetes is also a growing health issue with young Americans. Diet and exercise play a big roll in preventing this metabolic disorder, or managing it if you do have it. Because so many students are dealing with health issues, I’ll soon write a blog addressing how to manage a chronic disease, or other health issue, while attending college.

Get on a good routine to manage your weight adequately, and avoid gaining weight that can adversely affect your health.


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