Overthinking Your Life?

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Smart people often make everything harder than it needs to be.

Are you “overthinking” your life?

Life Coach Gail Blanke, discussed why we overthink and how to combat that habit in Real Simple magazine’s article “It’s Easier Than You Think”.  First, Blanke emphasizes that sometimes “simple thinking” can be an advantage in a complicated world. Second, instead of looking at all the negative possibilities, focus on the positive possibilities.

Blanke asked herself at one point in her life, “How hard, how complicated, how overwhelmingly difficult, can I make this?” It’s a trap and it’s easy to fall into. So, why do we make things harder on ourselves? Blanke believes, “I think it’s because the more we learn, the more “educated” we become, and the more analysis we engage in, the more we set the stage for all the possible pitfalls to present their ugly selves in living color.” The next thing you know, you are drowning in negative thoughts.

Listed in Blanke’s article is a “to don’t” list of five habits to quit to make everything easy…

1. Don’t overanalyze or overcomplicate situations; commit to taking the easy way. Take the shortest distance between two points–a simple line. [This doesn't mean being a slacker, more so, it has to do with simplifying things.]

2. Don’t insist on perfection. [Perfectionism can drive you and all those around you crazy! Striving for it will exhaust you].

3. Don’t be consumed by negative possibilities. [The "what ifs" may never happen, so don't go there]. Instead assume a positive outcome.

4. Don’t do it alone. No matter the project, get as many people involved as possible. Martyrs are boring [...and go to an early grave].

5. Don’t become angry or upset when things don’t go according to plan. Laugh, if you can, and roll with it. [Life doesn't always turn out the way we want, be flexible. Look for the good, the humorous, the heartwarming aspects of the moment].

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See Blanke’s Motivator columns at www.realsimple.com/motivator

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