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Today’s Topic: “College Scholarships”

Jill is a junior at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania majoring in business marketing.

“Phi Beta Slackers”

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A term to describe those who hop between several jobs, grad schools and fellowships.

They might appear to have their act together, but in actuality, they haven’t got a clue, according to Po Bronson’s bestseller, What Should I Do With My Life?, where he coins the phrase “Phi Beta Slackers”. The author states, “And while slackers are not lazy by nature–they actually want to work, just not at the wrong thing or for the wrong reason–Phi Beta Slackers have a great gift for the world, if they can figure out what it is, or defuse whatever is holding them back.”

What’s in Your Handshake?

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In the American culture, a good handshake at the end of a job interview could seal the deal.

This applies to both genders, not just males–you must have a “confident” handshake. What’s a confident handshake? One that is firm (but does not hurt the other persons fingers), lingers just long enough for you to look the person in the eye, smile and release.

Different Shakes

There’s the two-handed shake, one politicians and clergy usually use to give comfort or evoke trust. The two-handed shake–placing your free hand over the other persons hand being shaken by you–is not considered appropriate for business situations. Professionals use a one-handed, right hand to right handshake.

The Career Services Office

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If you haven’t visited your career services office on campus, take time long before graduation to do so.

Introduce yourself to the staff, let them know you will be stopping in frequently (weekly, if not daily in your last year) and utilize their knowledge. They can assist in all your job search (and research) needs.

Before getting your heart set on a major, you may want to discuss with the career services staff the latest information available regarding your choices. If your first choice seems to have a negative 5 to 10 year forecast, it’s best to research your second and third choices–giving you more options. Consider taking a short career quiz to help narrow down the set of possible career options.

Think Seasonal Hiring

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Retailers are gearing up to hire seasonal workers, begin preparing now.

If you plan to make money to pay for holiday travel, presents, and vacations, consider being a seasonal worker. Large retailers will be hiring for the holidays. While these jobs are temporary, and the pay is low, employees who stand out from the crowd could be hired on as permanent or considered for the next season.

Smaller retailers usually do add to their holiday workforce, but might not be hiring as many as they have in years past. Concerns about lack of consumer spending being the main reason. But don’t let this discourage you from applying, just be aware it might be a tougher way to go.

Join “Heifer U”

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One nonprofit offers students a great opportunity to feed the world…

Heifer International, an international development and humanitarian (non-government) organization, has interesting programs with college students in mind, known as “Heifer U”. These interactive programs are offered in different states across the country and provide students with hands-on activities to further understanding of various aspects of Heifer’s work. Workshops and conferences are provided featuring peers, Heifer staff and other content experts.

Student Loan Consolidation

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There’s only one type loan to consolidate–a student loan–and now is the time to do so.

One money management expert and best-selling author, Dave Ramsey, believes students would be wise to obtain all the facts before attempting to consolidate students loans. In his Q & A with American Profile, Mr. Ramsey discussed how student loans are different than other kinds of loans and credit, therefore, are good candidates for consolidation. Here are his rules if this sounds like something you want to do:

1.) You are allowed one chance for student loan consolidation, so do it when interest rates are low–right now.

Get Moving Online!

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Now you can enhance your workouts…

Do you want to track your workouts, or share your exercise routines? Two sites, SparkPeople and MyFitnessPage, allow you to do both.

Four more sites make it easy to keep training and improve your practice:

YogaTailor-provides a “live” instructor at a yoga studio to learn correct alignment. The site provides a guided routine, all geared to your personal skill and time schedule.

RunningWithEric-Eric Orton’s videos show proper running technique. The site has a self-test to gauge heart rate and pace with plans for any level–beginner to marathoner.

Choose Your Major Carefully

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College students and grads may be going down the wrong road…

A Rutgers study found 62% of grads believe they need more education to be successful, however a ManpowerGroup study found 1/3 of employers worldwide complain they can’t find qualified workers. The good news is we have an abundance of college grads–the bad news is they don’t hold degrees in fields where they are most needed.

Jazz Up Your Dorm Room

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A dorm room doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless!

Use the following suggestions to make your dorm room yours:

WallPops are words and inspirational quotes to peel and stick on a wall and they’re completely removable. Stripes are available that outline windows, doors, or put them on your ceiling or floors. Die-cut shapes such as circles, squares, diamonds and rectangles can help you get creative. They also have holiday decorations to peel and stick–quick and easy. Also, check out your local crafts store for more interesting (and inexpensive) wall stickers.