Jazz Up Your Dorm Room

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Sep 12, 2011 in , , | No Comments


A dorm room doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless!

Use the following suggestions to make your dorm room yours:

WallPops are words and inspirational quotes to peel and stick on a wall and they’re completely removable. Stripes are available that outline windows, doors, or put them on your ceiling or floors. Die-cut shapes such as circles, squares, diamonds and rectangles can help you get creative. They also have holiday decorations to peel and stick–quick and easy. Also, check out your local crafts store for more interesting (and inexpensive) wall stickers.

Have you considered doing something about the lighting in your dorm room? By adding a nice desk lamp and floor lamp, you can make your room feel warmer with light. During winter months when it’s dreary, boost your mood with lights designed to duplicate the sun.

Spruce up your bed by adding several colorful print throw pillows that reflect your personality. Add a comforter in a solid color which acts as a backdrop for the throw pillows, drapes can also tie into the color scheme. Need company? Buy a cuddly plush stuffed animal to sit on your bed who looks like your dog or cat back home!

Is your room a gathering place? Try small stackable tables, multipurpose furniture–a table with storage inside–and even retro bean bag chairs to make guests comfortable.

Keep family and friends back home close. Group several framed pictures of loved ones on your wall. Want something that makes a statement? Pick out a favorite photo and have it blown up to the width of your bed, it can act as a headboard–and art–at the same time.

Take a trip to the local thrift store, search for retro games to play on weekends. I found an old “Twister” game in perfect shape for $1, some of these retro games can be used for decorating too. Look for other finds you could use to make your dorm room your own: vases for flowers, rugs for cold wood floors, beaded room dividers, and much more.

What suggestions do you have to personalize a dorm room?