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One nonprofit offers students a great opportunity to feed the world…

Heifer International, an international development and humanitarian (non-government) organization, has interesting programs with college students in mind, known as “Heifer U”. These interactive programs are offered in different states across the country and provide students with hands-on activities to further understanding of various aspects of Heifer’s work. Workshops and conferences are provided featuring peers, Heifer staff and other content experts.

“Heifer U for College and University Students” is designed to teach you how to incorporate the work of Heifer International onto your campus. You’re introduced to Heifer’s mission and provided with opportunities for involvement at the campus level and beyond. This program takes place Oct. 27-30 at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. Call 1-800-422-1311, e-mail, or go online to HeiferU or HeiferRanch.

“Bringing the Harvest Home” allows participants to study the promotion of food sovereignty and food security around the world. Participants get hands-on experience in harvesting and food preservation techniques they can use at home, on campus, or in their future careers working to make a difference in the world. This program takes place Sept. 29-Oct. 2 at Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills, California. Call 1-800-422-1311 for more information, see links and e-mail above.

“Sustaining Livelihoods in Africa” teaches students about achieving and sustaining livelihoods of resource-limited families. This program focuses on exactly how this process manifests itself via programs in Africa–at the heart of Heifer’s development model. This program takes place Nov. 17-20 at Overlook Farm, Rutland, Massachusetts. Call 1-800-422-1311, or go online to HeiferOverlook.

Heifer’s Learning Centers offer programs throughout the year to groups and range from a few hours up to five nights. A few of the adult programs available are: how to care for livestock, raising honey bees and harvesting honey, lambing, and crop harvests. To learn more see HeiferVisit.

For information about study tours, go to HeiferStudyTours.

Heifer publishes an amazing gift catalog (yearly) highlighting ways to give a hand up, not a hand out, to people worldwide. Choose from unique gifts, such as a goat, which produces milk, income from wool, and fertilizer for the receiving family. It might be difficult to choose between a gaggle of geese or a bevy of bunnies, but no matter what you choose, it will be very much appreciated by the receivers. To order your copy, call 1-800-698-2511 or go HeiferGiveaGift.

Your participation in programs, and valuable gifts, helps sustain lives while introducing you to useful skills and needs of the world.

Choose to be a part of the solution to world hunger, get involved with “Heifer U” today!


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