Ready? It’s Job Hunt Season

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Most job hunters back off on their search from November through January–this is a big mistake.

Some wrongly assume employers won’t be hiring during the holidays. It’s a myth, they do hire year round. Just think, if most job seekers slow down during the holiday months, that means your chances to land a job goes up!

Be Prepared

Tonight, Halloween kicks off the beginning of several major holidays in a row from now until January. Take advantage of the opportunities they present, which are many, to network with people who could help you get hired.

Don’t Give Up!

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You’ve perfected a resume, polished interviewing skills, can rattle off a great elevator pitch…and still no job.

Time to take a moment to get inspired–go back to the basics. It can be easy to miss a few simple things that could make all the difference between unemployment and finding a job. Below are some reminders, be sure you check to see if you’ve missed anything essential in boosting your chances of landing a job.

Holiday Networking

The unemployed often stop job hunting during the holidays–big mistake–there will be great networking opportunities in the next couple of months. Each holiday party is just one more chance to meet people who could help you find the position you’ve been waiting for.

Confused about 529 College Savings Plans?

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According to the Financial Research Corporation, families contributed 75% more in 2010 than in 2008 to these plans.

According to the article by Deborah L. Jacobs, “Collegiate Confusion”, featured in Forbes magazine, “The main appeal of a 529 is income tax savings. You put money in one of these plans and you don’t have to pay federal or state income tax on the earnings, provided the cash is withdrawn to pay for college or graduate school tuition, fees, room and board, or books. In some cases you also get a state income tax deduction for your contribution.” However, there’s more to these plans that you’ll need to be aware of.

“Make A Difference Day”

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More than 3 million volunteers helped 20 million fellow Americans last Saturday.

Were you one of the volunteers?

Annual Partnership

Since 2005, USA Weekend Magazine and NBC News have joined forces to promote “Make A Difference Day”, organized by HandsOn Network, to help millions of Americans. This annual event brings together more than 3 million volunteers across America to help 20 million in need–our nations largest day of volunteering.

College Students Volunteer

More than 600 University of Delaware students helped 14 nonprofit agencies in the Newark community. In Lewiston, Idaho, students at Lewis-Clark State College painted for a YWCA “Soup Port Our Shelter” event. The Trio Club of Centralia College in Washington packaged donated coats, shoes, gloves and hats for needy families.

Is College Worth the Cost?

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With college costs skyrocketing, many students (and their parents) are asking whether it’s worth the cost.

For most people, it appears college is a good choice. I’ve seen evidence showing earnings of college grads far out pace those with only a high school diploma. Those with advanced degrees usually make more than all of the above. Projections show there will be a demand for educated workers. However, the game changer was the recession, leaving many grads out in the cold and those still in school wondering what to do upon graduation.

Is college still the answer to a bright future as it once was?

Paying the Ghost for a Grade

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It’s a dishonest practice with far-reaching consequences…

Diane Sawyer (World News) spotlighted a growing trend in America: college students paying someone else to write their papers.

Interviewed anonymously, a writer going by the name of “Ed” told of his business writing papers for cash. He’s had his lucrative business for 10 years, writing for doctors, lawyers, pharmacologists and others. Basically, “Ed” does research for thesis papers off of Google, he does not have degrees or training in any of these fields.

Trips Back Home

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School breaks usually mean a mass exodus takes place from college campuses.

Have you planned ahead? Here is a short list of important things to consider:

  • Discuss your expectations with your parents prior to your arrival. Hear their own expectations. Often, parents are hurt when students return and visit with friends, but don’t find time for family.
  • Deciding when, where, and with whom you’ll gather can be very helpful to all involved.
  • Don’t forget siblings in your plans. Along with parents, they can feel left out.

The Biggest Job Creators

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They discovered companies less than a year old create 3 million American jobs per year.

However, The Kauffman Foundation also found older firms actually destroy jobs.

Given the above statement, we have to wonder why job seekers flock to large, more established employers, when they don’t seem to offer what smaller, younger counterparts do. But it begs another question; who are many of the people behind these young companies creating 3 million jobs per year? You may be surprised.

Gray Matter Overload?

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Here’s help to retain more…

How can you improve your ability to remember what you’ve learned in class? Researchers at New York University used brain scans to prove relaxing while awake can assist in consolidating new memories and retrieve them better. Important memory processes happen while you’re at rest.

After a lecture take 10 minutes to let your mind wander. This allows time for your brain to run the new information around in your memory banks. Be sure you don’t get online or engage in conversations with others–but don’t much for those 10 minutes.

Stress Level Styles

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Whether you’re a job seeker, underemployed, or employed full-time–your stress level may need a little TLC.

Excerpted from Self magazine’s “Get Happier Guide”, here are their tips to assist in lowering your stress levels. First, answer the question posed below, choosing from either A, B, C, or D. Then, read the corresponding explanation which goes with that particular letter to determine your “typical” response to a tense situation. (Complete test not shown)

Your boss sends you a cryptic e-mail saying she wants to meet at the end of the day. You…