Put it on Your Resume!

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Oct 3, 2011 in , , | No Comments

You’ve spent hours volunteering, so don’t forget to utilize it.

Ann Belser, Scripps Howard, reports that Nicole Williams, author of Girl on Top and spokeswoman for LinkedIn, states job seekers should include any volunteer experience on their resume and online profiles. “The majority of people volunteer and nobody’s putting it on their resume,” Ms. Williams said. The reason? Job seekers feel it nixes the altruistic nature of their volunteer stint.

But, when you volunteer, it speaks volumes about you! Giving of your time and talents is admirable–and necessary–in this job market. Ms. Belser cites that working for a cause helps to build skill-sets and provides a new network of people who could help in your job search.

What if the volunteer work is political in nature? Ms. Williams suggests if you believe in the cause, then use it. Ask yourself this question: would you want to work for someone who doesn’t have your political views?

References from nonprofits are beneficial, be sure to ask for them and include in your list of references.

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