Year End Career Assessment

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2012 is around the corner–perfect time to assess where you are on your path.

Students, should you re-think that major? Grads, should you take classes or workshops designed to bump up skills important to your career? Or possibly mull over relocation to an area with more to offer?

This new year, take the opportunity to investigate what would make you more marketable.

Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s important to be completely honest with yourself in this assessment about what strengths and weaknesses you possess.

A Great Gift

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It’s the time of year when people are given gifts. Here’s one gift meant to be cherished.

If you happen to be a fortunate person, then at some point in your life a gift was given that didn’t come from a mall, wrapped in shiny paper, or topped with a bright bow. The gift I’m referring to is one not everybody receives. It also might go unrecognized or unappreciated. It’s a gift one cannot put a value on, but it’s valuable, very valuable.

Discrimination in the Workplace

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Don’t let employers discriminate against you for health reasons.

Many people in the workforce have medical conditions that require medication, doctors visits for monitoring, and personal vigilance to keep problems under control. But for the vast majority, their health issues don’t directly affect the quality of their work. So, why is it that employers sometimes discriminate against people? Most likely it’s fear and ignorance. What should job seekers disclose?

Here are a few tips I’ve condensed from On The Job, by Marcia Levine Mazzur, to help job seekers and those employed, to protect against this type of employment discrimination:

Their Favorite Interview Questions

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 HR has a few favorite interview questions, do you know what they are?

It pays to do your homework before going to an interview–know what questions might be asked.

In Readers Digest, Michelle Crouch listed the following, (my comments in italics):

1.) Will you tell me about a time you had to work with someone you did not personally like? They want to know how you amicably resolved this issue; did you openly discuss the problem with your coworker or boss, or put up a good front by finding something you could like about them?

Relocation: School or Job

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You’ve moved. Now what?

Each year, people relocate to find jobs or to go to college, only to discover being in a new location is unsettling.

Tips to help fight relocation blues:

1.) Since geography plays a role in weight gain, it’s a good idea to examine how the new location changes your routine. Maybe your old neighborhood was next to a park where you jogged every morning, but the new place has no park nearby. Time to find an alternative–one of the following–a gym or school track where you can jog. Seek out groups dedicated to jogging. This is a great way to make new contacts. Ask coworkers or classmates where they workout too.

Employers Should Resist the Urge

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According to a CareerBuilder 2009 survey, 45 percent of employers research candidates on social networks.

But, what a University of Illinois unpublished researcher, Paige Deckert, discovered should give employers cause to resist the urge to investigate potential hires and employees online.

According to Deckert’s research, two thirds of participants who saw only the resumes for three fake job applicants made a better call on who was most qualified. Those who saw the resumes and Facebook pages got the right candidate half the time.

Be Creative! Become More Childlike

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Want to enhance your creative output? Here’s one idea…

Researchers Darya Zabelina and Michael Robinson, of North Dakota State University, wanted to test the theory of adults enhanced creativity being boosted by tapping into their childlike mind-set.

College students divided into two groups were asked to write about what they’d do if they had a day off from school. The first group wrote as their present day selves and the second group as their 7 year-old selves. “Boring” was how the first set of papers were described written as their present day adult selves, mainly writing about catching up on sleep or school work. But the second group, writing in their 7 year-old selves, produced more interesting results–focusing on playing with friends or buying the biggest lollipops they could find.

Mentees–Become More Strategic

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Mentees are encouraged to be less “tactical” and more “strategic” at work.

In the article Tips for Mentees, The Mentoring Group, by Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D., she discusses why some mentees are being told to become less tactical and more strategic in the workplace.

According to Ms. Phillips-Jones, “…strategic refers to the “what and why” and tactical refers to the “how.” Therefore, when you’re a strategic thinker, you have the ability to see the big picture: see patterns and trends, know priorities, anticipate issues, estimate outcomes and have alternatives ready. A tactical thinker is one who has a more hands-on approach, makes sure strategic goals are on target, and performs tasks with efficiency and quality.

Want Work? Solve a Problem!

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“I reinvent myself every day”, claims Leif Hansen, founder of Shasta’s ski patrol.

Living in a rural community, such as Shasta County in Northern California, presents added difficulties when it comes to employment. But Leif and his wife Justi, go with the flow by finding opportunities where they can in their small town economy.

Leif now does solar installations besides his ski patrol duties in the winter months. Justi enjoyed climbing mountains and was a guide when she sought out advice on how to become self-employed. Going to her local JEDI Institute for Economic Development, she discovered her skills climbing mountains and leading people through the wilderness translated well into counseling others. She began working for JEDI, helping people change careers, or to become entrepreneurs.

Renters, Know Your Rights!

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Opting to live off campus? Understand exactly what you’re getting into…

Being a renter has it’s disadvantages–even in this housing market. To ensure you won’t be evicted by a lender of the property you’re renting because the landlord is defaulting, or scammed by a property management company, take some simple precautionary measures:

1.) Log onto the Better Business Bureau’s site at BBB and plug in the name of the property management company to see if they have any negative reports against them. The BBB rates them, and those ratings are important. For example: one management company I found to have the worst rating–an “F”. Another had an “A-” rating, putting them in the “excellent” category.