Mentees–Become More Strategic

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Mentees are encouraged to be less “tactical” and more “strategic” at work.

In the article Tips for Mentees, The Mentoring Group, by Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D., she discusses why some mentees are being told to become less tactical and more strategic in the workplace.

According to Ms. Phillips-Jones, “…strategic refers to the “what and why” and tactical refers to the “how.” Therefore, when you’re a strategic thinker, you have the ability to see the big picture: see patterns and trends, know priorities, anticipate issues, estimate outcomes and have alternatives ready. A tactical thinker is one who has a more hands-on approach, makes sure strategic goals are on target, and performs tasks with efficiency and quality.

Both are very important, and the article points out that leaders, “…know and use strategy AND they’re very aware of their organization’s tactics.” They are aware of what “good tactics” are and recognize when other people are doing them.

“How strategic and tactical are you?”, the article asks, prompting one to see if they are balancing the two approaches at work. But it also asks if one is getting wrapped up in details, are they able to see the longer and larger perspective, and if “micro-managing” is an issue–all good questions for self-examination.

Asking your mentor or manager about this topic will shed even more light on how you’re doing. They can discuss with you what they believe to be your approaches, how that has played out in results, and how to further develop.