Relocation: School or Job

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Dec 19, 2011 in , , | No Comments

You’ve moved. Now what?

Each year, people relocate to find jobs or to go to college, only to discover being in a new location is unsettling.

Tips to help fight relocation blues:

1.) Since geography plays a role in weight gain, it’s a good idea to examine how the new location changes your routine. Maybe your old neighborhood was next to a park where you jogged every morning, but the new place has no park nearby. Time to find an alternative–one of the following–a gym or school track where you can jog. Seek out groups dedicated to jogging. This is a great way to make new contacts. Ask coworkers or classmates where they workout too.

2.) Find out from new coworkers and new neighbors who the best doctors, dentists and mechanics are in town. Often locals know who to steer clear of, and who won’t take you to the cleaners.

3.) Volunteer on the weekends to help your new community. This is a way to find out what the needs are, allowing you to contribute in a positive way. And don’t forget to put that experience on your resume!

4.) Introduce yourself to neighbors as soon as possible. These are the people you’ll see regularly, retrieving the mail, or walking the dog. It’s important to know who you can count on in an emergency.

5.) Reinvent yourself in your new surroundings. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write and discovered a group which meets at the local library monthly. Or perhaps your new location offers opportunities you’ve never had before–a lake or ocean–where you could learn to fish or surf.

6.) View the local paper and pick up free publications to keep you current on weekly activities. Many newspapers publish information regarding festivals, farmers markets, fairs, car shows, concerts, and more. You’ll learn a great deal about your new community attending these events.

The new location might be much different than “home”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, stay fit, and meet new friends. Make the most it!


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