Coed Diplomas Worth Less?

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Women now outnumber men in college and have progressed in the workplace.

Then why are they receiving less compensation and getting fewer higher level jobs than their male counterparts?

Early last year, a chief executive of one of the largest European banking institutions caused an uproar when he commented on appointing women to a then all male board. Basically, he said it would make it “prettier and more colorful.” If you think this sort of mindset about women in boardrooms is rare in the U.S., think again.

It’s Thank Your Mentor Day!

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January 26, 2012, is Thank Your Mentor Day™. Take time to honor the important mentor(s) in your life by posting an online tribute or by sending a handwritten note of thanks. See my earlier post, January is National Mentoring Month! for other ideas on how to celebrate.

To post a tribute online, go to YouTube today, make the National Mentoring Month videos the most popular of the day!

Personal Expression vs. Promotion

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Passed up for a promotion, or didn’t get a job? posted an article listing reasons why people don’t receive promotions and most of the issues have to do with how they express their individuality, while other issues can be chalked up to a certain degree of ignorance–or laziness. What of the following sounds a little too familiar?

Mentor Gets a “Blast” Out of Mentorships

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We are happy to present the third in our series of guest bloggers…

The bloggers will be giving you a glimpse into their personal mentor/mentee experiences. Some spotlighted relationships may have grown into deep personal friendships, while others might be purely business in nature–mentees observing their mentor at work. No matter the depth, both mentors and mentees testify to the importance of their relationship. Guest blog posts will appear, sporadically, but always on a Tuesday.

Take Key Actions

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A student or grad eager to enter the job market must understand the uphill battle they face–and how to succeed.

There are several key actions to take which will ensure a better chance of being hired now, or after graduation.

Three at the top of the list are…

1) Obtain a mentor-It’s easier than ever now to find quality mentors, simply go to our home page. There you may be paired with mentors–free. The mentors, (professionals in their field), offer a great deal; advice, encouragement, contacts and much more. Often times, mentors are literally lifesavers, providing guidance and serving as positive role models to students and grads without family support. If you don’t have a mentor, you’re at a disadvantage. (See other posts regarding mentors).

Coping with Stress

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We usually learn coping methods (as children) from watching our parents.

That fact might be a good thing–only if our parents knew how to adequately cope with life’s stressful situations. Students are loading every minute of the day with studying, attending classes, volunteer work, internships, part-time jobs, athletics and much more. And, all too often, stress relief at college revolves around binge drinking, recreational drugs and casual sex–not exactly a healthy way to cope.

A mental health resource points out some interesting facts regarding how the average American chooses to handle stress:

Who Are You?

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There are two people struggling inside…

Not long ago, you left home–a place where someone probably provided food, shelter and a place to sleep on a daily basis. Now, you’re on your own, making a big transition. It would be an understatement to say it’s a stressful time–but also an exciting time too.

Get a Grade Higher

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You can get a grade higher on tests, here’s how…

In a University of Chicago study, students who jotted down their feelings about an impending test scored nearly a full grade higher than those who didn’t. That’s good news if you’re not a great test taker or become nervous before taking one.

Researchers found that expressing concerns on paper helps people to concentrate on the task at hand. The morning of a test, write your concerns about the upcoming test, get out all of your anxiety. Actually naming what’s bothering you takes it out of your head and onto a piece of paper.

They Light the Way

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“Sparks” aren’t study guides, a city in Nevada, or a steakhouse.

They’re role models on every campus, people who influence, igniting classmates, siblings and even their own parents. Unsatisfied with what the status quo hands them, they are catalyst for positive change. Without them, the world would be a dismal place.

Become one, here’s how:

  • Sparks won’t be devalued, they know their worth. They find as mentors champions, heroes, and instruments of change. Eventually, they become those themselves. These are the leaders of tomorrow.

One Inspiring Professor

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Last lectures are common on many college campuses. For one professor, it literally was his last.

Chosen professors are asked to put themselves in a hypothetical situation–they are dying and must give a final lecture to students and faculty. Often, their topic revolves around the questions: what is most important to me and what legacy would I like to leave behind? These lectures may serve as inspiration to students who can learn a great deal from academic mentors reflecting on their lives.