Coping with Stress

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We usually learn coping methods (as children) from watching our parents.

That fact might be a good thing–only if our parents knew how to adequately cope with life’s stressful situations. Students are loading every minute of the day with studying, attending classes, volunteer work, internships, part-time jobs, athletics and much more. And, all too often, stress relief at college revolves around binge drinking, recreational drugs and casual sex–not exactly a healthy way to cope.

A mental health resource points out some interesting facts regarding how the average American chooses to handle stress:

82% watch T.V., read or listen to music

71% talk to family or friends

62% pray or meditate

55% make time to exercise

37% eat (especially common among women)

26% drink alcohol, smoke, or take illicit drugs

12% take prescription medications

Were you surprised by these numbers? What do you usually do? How can you better deal with stress?