Take Key Actions

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A student or grad eager to enter the job market must understand the uphill battle they face–and how to succeed.

There are several key actions to take which will ensure a better chance of being hired now, or after graduation.

Three at the top of the list are…

1) Obtain a mentor-It’s easier than ever now to find quality mentors, simply go to our home page. There you may be paired with mentors–free. The mentors, (professionals in their field), offer a great deal; advice, encouragement, contacts and much more. Often times, mentors are literally lifesavers, providing guidance and serving as positive role models to students and grads without family support. If you don’t have a mentor, you’re at a disadvantage. (See other posts regarding mentors).

2) Become a volunteer and/or intern-Employers want experience, and the best way to obtain it is through volunteer work, or as an intern. This type of work is valuable, it should be highlighted on a resume, in a cover letter and discussed in an interview. A good number of volunteer and intern positions turn into paid part-time or full-time jobs. Make the most of those opportunities. Check with your Career Services Office to assist in finding local volunteer work and internships. (See other posts regarding volunteer work and internships).

3) Network like crazy-Long before you graduate, network with people in the industry of your choice, this is paramount. Effective networking puts you in touch with those who can alert you to job openings in-house, hand carry your resume to those doing the hiring, and give you the edge over other job seekers. Who do you network with? Professors, TA’s, fellow classmates with a similar major, alumnus, and contacts they give you in their industry. Organize notes, business cards and other information they hand you. Always send a handwritten thank you note of your appreciation. (See other posts regarding networking).

If you incorporate all three of these key actions into your job search plan of attack, it’s guaranteed to set you apart from the masses. The sooner you find a mentor, become a volunteer or intern, and spend time actively networking, the sooner you’ll realize your career goals.


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