They Light the Way

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Jan 11, 2012 in , , | No Comments


“Sparks” aren’t study guides, a city in Nevada, or a steakhouse.

They’re role models on every campus, people who influence, igniting classmates, siblings and even their own parents. Unsatisfied with what the status quo hands them, they are catalyst for positive change. Without them, the world would be a dismal place.

Become one, here’s how:

  • Sparks won’t be devalued, they know their worth. They find as mentors champions, heroes, and instruments of change. Eventually, they become those themselves. These are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Sparks dismantle stereotypes with each step in the right direction–the direction of their dreams–not allowing taunts, insults or prejudice to stop their momentum. They’re on their way, plowing through the impossibilities, jumping over hurdles of discouragement.
  • Sparks are admired, idolized and serve as role models for people in similar circumstances they once were in themselves. They walk the walk and talk the talk–the real deal–100% genuine. You won’t find them destroying their future by making foolish choices contrary to what they know is right, for they know life is nothing but choices.
  • Sparks are clearly discerning, daily living their integrity. They won’t allow themselves to be influenced by other people’s questionable gray areas. They stand up when everyone else is sitting down! And intimidation doesn’t faze their strong sense of who they are, defending what they believe with facts. Fear isn’t a part of their vocabulary.
  • Sparks are undaunted by problems, they’re seen as challenges. Right action is taken to deal with any challenges. They understand and look for opportunities, working hard, knowing nothing worthwhile comes easily. The victim mentality is foreign to Sparks. You won’t find them blaming history, or people, for where they are today, or complaining the world owes them. For they know each person on earth has their own a cross to bear.

Who will you influence in a positive way, simply by being who you are, living your life? Mentoring isn’t reserved for only professors, coaches, or successful business people. Mentors are college students and grads. Light someone’s way.