When You’re Laid Off

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Do these things to minimize the fallout…

Once your supervisor has handed out the pink slip, don’t waste time, take action immediately:

  1. Email coworkers, let them know where they can reach you after leaving. No need to go into detail regarding what happened. Above all, don’t trash your boss.
  2. Transfer all important contacts and documents to your personal email–make hard copies too.
  3. Move your personal information into the trash, then empty it.
  4. Once home, contact supportive friends and family. Tell them you want to talk, go out for dinner, or coffee.

What you do in the short-term, the next week or two, is extremely important:

  1. Update your resume. Take your time, do it right, seek help at a local One Stop if needed.
  2. Send an email to everyone you know you’re seeking employment–be specific what you want. Attach the updated resume, then follow up in a few days. Tap into LinkedIn contacts, do the same with them.
  3. Practice interviewing, know how you’ll answer the most common questions (see other posts).
  4. Organize days to keep on top of job hunting, but don’t forget to include relaxing, enjoyable and healthy activities such as: exercising, reading, meditating.
  5. Deal with unresolved anger, disappointment or depression. Seek professional help if it lingers and drags you down.
  6. Pull back on your usual spending, cut costs where possible, find ways to save money.

Everyone has been laid off or fired from a job. Look at it as an opportunity to find something better, more engaging, which will allow for growth. Hang in there, you will find employment again.


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*Some information from Nicole Williams, Shape magazine