Who Are You?

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Jan 18, 2012 in , , | No Comments

There are two people struggling inside…

Not long ago, you left home–a place where someone probably provided food, shelter and a place to sleep on a daily basis. Now, you’re on your own, making a big transition. It would be an understatement to say it’s a stressful time–but also an exciting time too.

Most college students feel the tug between wanting to be an adult and (usually when things get stressful), wanting to be a kid again. Students who have the most difficult time transitioning are usually those who have come from environments that didn’t allow for much personal growth. Parents who did everything for them, or were too strict, may contribute to feelings of insecurity about the ability to succeed in college. But here’s the good news, now at college, you can begin to learn how to handle personal business in an adult manner.

Especially if a Freshman, you need to keep your wits. By that I mean don’t go crazy, drunk (literally) with freedom. It’s easy to do, if peers are party animals. But here’s where the adult has to kick in by making mature choices. Life is nothing but a bunch of choices and those that are made in college have far-reaching consequences, they shape who you become.

The best way to ensure a good college experience is to look at who you call friends. Those people, and their reputations, can have a direct influence on everyone around them. For example: hang with a certain group of people, that’s what you’ll become, having their particular reputation around campus. A negative campus view of you carries on after college too, not good when job seeking. I once went with someone to their college reunion and it was interesting the rundown I was given on the drive up about everyone. Even though the person I went with graduated years previously, his “college view”of these people was still intact.

Questions: Who are you now? Who do you want to become? What reputation do you want to have in college and in the future?

Live your principals, not the ones sanctioned by your peer group. Choose wisely, choose well.