Does Networking Work?

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Based on the findings, it pays to network and obtain referrals…

Their report identified how candidates find career opportunities and land a job. It analyzed the impact of income, gender and age on job search techniques. The statistics are based on over 700 candidates who landed a job from July 2009-January 2010.

Carolyn Parrott, vice president of client services for IMPACT Group, which conducted the report stated, “The report takes a look at what job search techniques are working as well as how gender, age and income play a role.” She went on to say, “We believe our data presents a realistic picture of today’s job market for educated, salaried professionals and executives.”

Finding Opportunities: Online marketing (online resume posting) yields just an 8% chance of success in finding the next opportunity.

Landing Opportunities: Referrals from within the organization yielded 18%, while outside the organization was 9%–the most successful ways to land the opportunity.

Executive Recruiting: A downward trend in the overall effectiveness of recruiters since 2005. Recruiters focus on the top 10% of the class and hold less than 8% of the job market.

Social Networking: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., can be important in identifying referral opportunities. Younger job seekers stick mainly with online networking and need to make an effort to do 50% of their networking in person, which is very effective.

Begin networking both online and in person with people in your field of interest if you haven’t done so already. Those contacts could become your future referrals.


*To see the full report, including charts and trends in job search, go to IMPACT’s website.


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