Earth Friendly Careers

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Nearly 1.2 million new green jobs are predicted to be available in the next year.

Undecided about your major, or thinking of changing? Here are five well paying green jobs you might not have considered from Catherine Ryan’s article, “Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?”, Self magazine:

Urban Forester

Average Income: $55K

Job Description:

Plant and care for trees in parks and along city streets. More than 3,400 communities have earmarked big budgets to promote tree care, according to Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree City USA program. Having said that, a reality check of some communities: budgets have been cut–some severely–depending on the city. So it pays to do research first, to see where the budgets are still in tack.

Background Necessary:

Biology, environmental science or urban planning with a Certified Forester credential–the industry’s gold standard endorsement. Study forest management at a university accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAFNet). Students and grads should amp up their resume by volunteering with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees.

Green Event Planner

Average Income: $77K

Job Description:

Organize eco-friendly, low impact conferences, weddings, parties and trade shows. Sustainability is popular right now, and small-footprint events are on the rise. Membership has tripled in the Green Meeting Industry Council, the organization educates eco-minded event planners.

Background Necessary:

A degree in hospitality or event planning and management. See Hospitality-1st for a list of schools, but do check them out thoroughly. Real life experience counts a great deal here. Sign-up for workshops run by the Green Meeting Industry Council at GreenMeetings.

Carbon Accountant

Average Income: $80K

Job Description:

Measure and track the production of greenhouse gases.The EPA mandated in September of 2009, that utility companies start reporting their emissions. Then in October of 2009, President Obama asked federal agencies to start detailing their greenhouse gas output and to devise ways to educate their vendors to cut emissions. Basically, what all this means is that companies lightening their carbon footprint will get more federal contracts–a big incentive.

Background Necessary:

A degree in math, science, or accounting and knowledge of emissions auditing. See training programs through Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGInstitute).

Sustainability Manager

Average Income: $82K

Job Description:

By researching energy-efficient heating, for example, you can assist a company have less of a negative impact. Experts say these positions are increasing in demand.

Background Necessary:

Business experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an MBA. Join the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) to begin networking.

Eco-Responsibility Marketer

Average Income: $95K

Job Description:

They promote and publicize the company’s or client’s green ways, while verifying all outgoing information for accuracy. A need exists for fact-checking to prevent misleading consumers.

Background Necessary:

Knowledge of public relations, marketing and communications is essential, along with being ecologically savvy. See Ithaca College for information on their well-respected sustainability webinars (Ithaca College). Also see GreenWashingIndex to learn how to spot “green impostors”.

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