Multitasker Brain?

Posted by Judy Anne Cavey on Feb 27, 2012 in , , | No Comments



The ability to multitask is often worn as a badge of honor by some. But it may be tripping you up…

A Stanford University study found multitaskers make more mistakes than those who tackle one thing at a time. Also, they can lose the ability to distinguish important information from unimportant information.

For those diehard multitaskers, Health magazine has laid out three easy steps to keep you from scratching the itch to multitask again: 1.) clear the computer screen, closing all the windows you don’t need will cut down on distractions, you’ll be more efficient. 2.) step away from your desk, keeping the stress level down during the day is essential to being more productive by taking a 10 minute break twice a day, or walking around the block, or at least slip into the break room if at work for a change of scenery. Don’t forget to take a lunch break! 3.) it’s all in the details–read your work emails at least two or three times to catch the finer points you might overlook if stressed out. If you’re feeling especially spacey, print them out, a hard copy in hand can help you interpret them more accurately.

It’s easy to fall into a harried state in college or at the office. By consciously slowing yourself down–monitoring what you’re doing and sticking to one task–you’ll find your efficiency improves. Not only that, at the end of the day, you won’t feel so mentally fried with “multitasker brain.”


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