From Public Housing to Director of Housing

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We are happy to present the fourth in our series of guest blogs…

The bloggers will be giving you glimpse into their personal mentor/mentee experiences. Some spotlighted relationships may have grown into deep personal friendships, while others might be purely business in nature–mentees observing their mentor at work. No matter the depth of the relationship, mentees will testify to the importance of their mentors. Guest blog posts will appear, sporadically, but always on a Tuesday.

There’s a New Psychology in Town

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The mental health benefits of Mother Nature are now being acknowledged.

If you’re considering psychology, or are a psych major, you’ll find this fascinating! And if you’re depressed, angry, and tense, it just might help you.

I read an interesting excerpt from Richard Louv’s book entitled Mother’s Care, in an issue of UNTE Reader based on his book The Nature Principal (2011). In it, Mr. Louv explains that, “Spending time in natural settings is no panacea…but it can be a powerful tool in maintaining or improving mental health.” This new type of psychology is called ecopsychology (ecotherapy), and it’s benefits are remarkable.

Work Perk

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Becoming friends with your coworkers has a big impact on your well-being and theirs.

According to a study in Health Psychology, when people have a work environment where everyone gets along, they live longer than employees who work in an unsupportive one.

Researcher Arie Shirom, Ph.D. states that, “Your peers can lend a hand when you’re near the breaking point, helping you manage stress.” And of course, it’s not a one-way street. It’s important to pick up on coworkers who are having a bad day and return the favor.

Be Ready for Anything

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It’s a good time to evaluate career goals…

The latest economic projections are shaky given the problems in Europe, U.S. unemployment figures, and a housing market that’s barely breathing. Experts are using words like double-dip recession, inflation, stagflation–all to describe what might possibly materialize in 2012 and beyond.

Because we are in such uncertain times, getting ahead today takes more–an investment of extra work, enthusiasm, and energy.

Below are tips to help you evaluate your career goals while trying to stay one step ahead of pink slips.